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What is this website about?

Gram Project is a repository of easy to use medical diagrams for learning, teaching and revising medical concepts. The use of diagrams and flowcharts is an extremely efficient and simple way to learn certain aspects of medicine, and is a vital tool for medical education. As medical students, we have always found these visual guides helpful in understanding and remembering challenging topics, rather than reading through wall of texts in guidelines and medical textbooks.

Most of our diagrams are based on medical guidelines in the UK and may be slightly different depending on where you are receiving your medical education. Nevertheless, you should hopefully find our diagrams somewhat helpful in one way or another in terms of your learning and revision.

With this website, we aim to become a useful resource in medical education through the use of simple and visually stimulating diagrams. We welcome any feedback or suggestions and you can contact us here or email us at gramproject7@gmail.com


Alvin Tung Yong-Zong
Year 4 MBBS

Dong Ley Wen 
Year 5 MBBS

Yap Wei Kang
Year 4 MBBS

Wong Zhen Xin
Year 4 MBBS

Dr. Paul Khoo Li Zhi
FY2 at University Hospital North Durham

Disclaimer: All diagrams in this website are free to use, distribute and alter with proper attribution and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Diagrams in this website are intended for use of medical education only, and should not be used in any professional healthcare setting. We strive to ensure that our diagrams are as accurate and as updated as possible, although we recommend that all information are checked with a relevant peer-reviewed source. References for the diagrams are listed in every download page. Gramproject.com is not legally liable for the use or misuse of any diagrams on this website, and the information here should not replace professional medical opinion. By visiting this website you agree to the terms above.